Addendum – Precision Gear Design and Manufacturing

Manufacturing transmission sets

Through years of experience in the transmission system industry, Addendum has adapted to the needs of the client and created a group company (Dedendum, S.L.) that is specifically dedicated to designing, creating prototypes and custom manufacturing of different kinds of drive assemblies. For different industries such as energy, special machinery, mining, machines for public works, etc., we have created speed reduction drives of different sizes, as well as speed multipliers, gearboxes, differentials, gear pumps and other fundamental transmission systems. With these products we provide a much more complete service to our customers, since we take responsibility for the entire product and our client only has to integrate it into the final assembly phase of the machine.

Other products ans services

Custom design

Addendum makes custom designs for any type of gear and precision part related to mechanics and transmissions.

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Homologation of prototypes and pre-series

We are trained to make prototypes and pre-series for homologation.

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Mass production

We are able to mass-produce parts on our own, with the established requirements and the requested delivery conditions.

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Spare parts and maintenance

Due to our capacity of reverse engineering we can provide spare parts and/or repairs of all kinds, in our own facilities or in the client's.

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Drive assembbly manufacturing

Addendum creates designs and prototypes, and manufactures custom drive assemblies, such as reduction gearing, multipliers and gearboxes.

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