Addendum – Precision Gear Design and Manufacturing

Productive Resources

Addendum has very extensive production means, enabling us to manufacture a wide range of specific products in the fields of gears, precision machined parts and assembly for the mass-production of mechanical groups. Below are some examples of the production resources for machinery groups we have in our production plant.


It is important to emphasise that our production capacity is not restricted to this simplified list of machinery, since we also have great capacity for the turning in CNC of large series, as well as for broaching pieces and thermal and surface treatments.

Image Addendum Liebherr LC380

Liebherr LC380 gear hobbing machine

In short, we have around 50 machines of different types and ranges:

Image Addendum Mazak HCN-6000

Mazak FH-6000 machining centre

Image Addendum Harrison ALPHA

Harrison ALPHA lathe

Image Addendum Mazak FH6000

Mazak HCN-6000 machining centre

Fellows and Gleason-Pfauter gear shaping machines

Torn CMZ TD-30-Y-1350

Quality Liebherr WGT 6000

Image Addendum Liebherr LC255

Liebherr LC255 gear hobbing machine

Image Addendum GER 1000

GER 1000 grinding machine

Image Addendum CMZ lathe

CMZ lathe

Image Addendum gear hobbing machine

Bevel cutter

Image Addendum Reishauer

Reishauer gear grinding machine

Image Addendum Zoller

Zoller measuring machine

We also have other ancillary equipment and services that allow us to manufacture any type of precision part.