Addendum – Precision Gear Design and Manufacturing

Appraisal of requirements

To define project specifications, mission, scope and to make the initial feasibility study.

Project planning

By planning the project, we will be able to start the first stages of the design.

Quality assurance

By testing each stage of development, we will be able to finish the study of the project within the planned time schedule.

65 years at your service

For the past 65 years, our company has been designing and manufacturing precision gears, special parts and transmission systems of all kinds for our customers in 13 different countries.

Ramon Tutusaus – Founder of Addendum, S.A.

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1 years
Manufacturing gears
1 countries
Sales in different markets
Gears manufactured in 2022

Our facilities

You can contact us at our offices and factory in Terrassa (Barcelona)

Avda. Santa Eulàlia, 260 - 08223 Terrassa (Barcelona)
PO Box 12 - 08220 Terrassa
(+34) 93 731 46 05